About Us

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place.

A calm place.

A place to pray.

A place to meditate.

A place of mystical experiences.

Daniel Clay Institute is a home. It is an ashram. It is a monastery. It is a safe haven, and a place where you can bask in powerful, calm energies. 

Daniel Clay Institute is a place of healing and peace. It is also a place of hope. Religion and politics have failed. Most especially the younger generations see and understand this. Traditional religion often places legality over love. Conventional politics places winning over wisdom. 

Daniel Clay Institute does not judge you. We prepare all who will come to us to live a life of love and wisdom. We are working to establish what we call “The Love Wisdom World.” This is not a religion. We teach people of all religions and of no religion. We teach you the practical tools to experience what we choose to call the “mystical experience.”

 It is our hope that you will leave DCI enlightened and empowered to change our world for the better. We hope a new generation of religious leaders, politicians, athletes, baristas, actors, auto mechanics, et cetera, will leave DCI to change the world.

A new epoch or era of love and wisdom is dawning. As our world is now one global world, its collective consciousness must follow suit in fusing the consciousness of Eastern Wisdom with the consciousness of Outgoing Active Love of the West. We are calling this new era the “Love Wisdom World,” and we are inviting you to be part of it. We even dare to hope that you will be a leader and a force in that movement. Yes, it is about realizing the divinity within yourself, but it is also about preserving the resources of the world for our children. It is about protecting the planet. It is about understanding the life-force shared by man, plants and animals. 

We follow the Eastern tradition that says the student must come to the teacher. However, we understand the practicalities of our Western world. Because of this we maintain a limited number of students. Each person stays for one to three weeks, and then returns home to make a real difference as we usher in a new epoch.

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Daniel Clay Institute is a place
For people to reach their full potential;
For prophets to study and lean to access the divine wisdom that is available to all people;
For ministers to be able to learn the potential of their inner being
So they can bring enlightenment to others.

Daniel Clay Institute is meant to uplift you
So you may uplift the world.

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