Daniel Clay

The Early Years

The American mystic Daniel Clay was born into a conservative, deeply religious family of the Evangelical Tradition. As a child, he did not speak until the age of three, at which time he began to speak in full, complete-structured, complex sentences much to the amazement of his family.

At an early age, his gifts for Healing became known. Daniel Clay developed rapidly as he pursued the art of meditation beginning at the age of 13. He spent many hours daily in prayer and study. The result was a wisdom far beyond his years and a devotion to God the Creator that remains unquestionable.

As he moved towards his twenties, Daniel Clay entered into the full embodiment of worldly sensations, achievements and conquests, thus fully experiencing humanity within the existing incarnation. Having completed his formal studies and beginning life as a family man, Daniel Clay returned to the Divine Call. Thus, the Spirit of the Divine was embraced and nurtured until it became fully manifest.

In 1983, Daniel Clay began his work of prophecy. Speaking for a private audience, he forecast the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Uniting of East & West Germany, the demise of Russia with the end of communism in that area, amongst others; and, for the first time, gave his highly detailed description of the time just prior to what has been termed “The End of an Era” and the details known as the occurrence to change the world as if “in the wink of an eye.”

In 1996, Daniel Clay delivered new World Prophecies never before given to mankind, following in the footsteps of such great prophets as Daniel, John, the author of Revelations, John the Baptist, and Nostradamus. This Divine Message of Love & Wisdom, and hope is given so mankind may interact with prophesied occurrences to benefit the collective race of men in thus determining its ultimate, own destiny.

In his mission to uplift and elevate the collective consciousness to benefit the collective whole, Daniel Clay addresses those subject matters that are nationally or internationally relevant and at-hand, and will motivate and empower people to act in alignment with that which is good. He addresses those who are willing to ask and listen as he extends globally oriented teachings of Love & Wisdom, which teachings are those Spiritual Principles upon which all major world Faiths have built their foundation and are the bedrock of the new world consciousness that combines Divine Grace or Love brought to the West by Jesus of Nazareth, who became known as the Christ, with Wisdom brought to the East by Prince Siddhartha Gautama, who became known as the Buddha, fusing the two in this new Epoch of Love-Wisdom Consciousness.

Daniel Clay was ordained a minister in September of 1980. He was consecrated a bishop in July of 2001, and ordained an archbishop in November of 2013. Daniel Clay is the Archbishop of the American Apostolic Church. He is the founder of Order of the Mystical Rose, which is an Order of “Red Robed” Mystics trained in the Traditions of both East and West. Multitudes of people are reached by Daniel Clay Ministries, through which organization Daniel Clay reaches out to people of all Faiths with his message of Love-Wisdom.

Although Daniel Clay was born and educated in the traditions of the West, many of the people who have come in contact with him, believe him to be a Lama according to the traditions of the East. The title, “Rajarishi” has been bestowed upon him by Maharaja Ramlaxman Singh Ratlam. The Native Americans have recognized him as a holy-man, and honored him with the title “Roadman.”

As a result of his work, Daniel Clay has been honored with various awards, titles and degrees, but he remains a quiet and humble man. He is best known for his prophetic abilities and for reading people’s hearts. Even in his early childhood he was known for miraculous healings. Through his hands, his prayers or his mere presence, miracles have happened.  He has also brought about the phenomena termed, “manifestation” and “bi-location.” It is now ever more occurring that people at great distances hear his deep, powerful, resonating voice. Even so, with spiritual gifts being wide and varied, Daniel Clay remains a most conservative individual by any standards, his humility forbidding him to speak about himself or his gifts.

To those who are in his presence, he radiates peace, equilibrium and love; yet, this motionless man even when in motion, turns into a powerful, charismatic and electrifying speaker when addressing his audience as the Power and Love of the Divine emanating from him, deeply move and touch the very core of every individual who is present. He has a reputation for being of the most dynamic mystics of our time.

In his mission to bring a Divine Message of warning, hope and love to a world that is desperately in need, Daniel Clay proclaims Love and the efficacy of the same, applied in Wisdom.

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