Fulfilled Prophecies

A Word from Daniel Clay

The Prophecies of Daniel Clay was delivered in 1996. This work contains prophecy for our global world, as well as prophecy for each separate nation. However, these prophecies are not a “must occur,” but are given as a warning, “so that all individuals may have greater knowledge as to how they may interact with events as they occur, to bring about that which is most beneficent and helpful for mankind. (See: A Personal Message to the Reader)

The Advancement of Technologies Allowing for the Fulfillment of Ancient and Current Prophecies

Page 31

“Only a few years ago, it would have been most difficult indeed for Us to convey this message as directly and succinctly as We now do. The advances of man in the field of technology, especially as this relates to computer and to the transmission, storage and retrieval of information, is the primary ingredient, the principle element that affects most prophecies that We shall clarify; for only with the advent of technologies such as those that are now developed — and only with the advent of almost instantaneous global communication, has the possibility for the fulfillment of many prophecies become a reality. Such is not only a reality, but inevitable. Technologies have not only advanced to the point to allow fulfillment, but only now that mankind is aware and informed of these technologies, is it possible for man to fully comprehend and understand the prophecies even of the ancients.”


Page 55

“And as governments are unable to satisfy the demands of displaced ethnic groups and cultures, terrorism shall increase. But as terrorist actions come more to represent the demands of the people, the actions will begin to strike at governments, especially at monuments and institutions that are symbolic, and ……….”

Page 56


“We have mentioned the fact that terrorism will, in its organized form, turn to the destruction of symbols, but that destruction of symbols rather than human life, will result from the dastardly acts of individuals and ………, especially in the United States of America, claiming life at great toll to such an extent that terrorism world-wide shall be decried and terrorist organizations punished to the maximum for any infliction of harm to humanity that incurs the taking of life. “(ISIS?)

Page 56


“It will be seen that great risks to major governments, such as France, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Portugal and Spain , even Italy shall rise from such organizations as Hamas and several Islamic groups that form according to radical concepts, as are the newly forming militias in the United States of America.” (Note: In 1994 the editor removed ISIS, which was mentioned along side Hamas, because they thought the name of an Egyptian god was misplaced in the context of the information.)

Page 58


“And the conscience of these children is thus seared so that right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right.

This situation being prevalent (referring to a previous section stating the reasons for the “Despair of Children”), it is only a matter of time until there comes one young person, one who seeks to satiate a sense beyond that which has been satiated, one who will not have died in previous attempts at satiating this sense or that sense.

And that child will take the lives of many in an act of random and individualistic terrorism, not terrorism designed for any particular purpose, but terrorism designed as an act of random violence for the sake of violence solely as an aggression of satiating the experience of self.

Herein lies the greatest danger! “

Page 59

Organized Terrorism

“We should also speak in reference to those acts that are of a more violent nature, being organized and pre-meditated. For amongst those who satiate the senses are also those that seek to justify the same, having somewhat of a conscience. Thus, they organize together in conspiracy against social or government organizations, etc ………….”

“Global Financials”

Page 41

“Though paper money shall continue for a short while, with various protective enhancements to foil counterfeiters, it shall soon be obsolete.

Buying and selling shall all soon become a simple matter of adding or subtracting credits to an account, electronically transmitting the same, utilizing advanced computer technologies.

Page 41

“Initially, thumb or fingerprints shall be used upon credit cards to secure the same against theft. Then it shall be realized that, utilizing current technologies, the inconvenience of carrying a card is most unnecessary, and that only the thumb, finger, or hand print is necessary to transact business. Thus even credit cards and debit cards will become obsolete.”

“Credit card with a fingerprint sensor revealed by MasterCard”

“The Invisible Credit Card of the Future”

“Welcome to Sweden – the most cash-free society on the planet”

“Sweden is on track to become the world’s first cashless society”

“Info Wars”

“The Cashless Society Cometh: European Nations Such As Sweden And Denmark Are ‘Eradicating Cash'”

“In Sweden, a Cash-Free Future Nears”

“Weapons of Choice”

Page 60

……advanced computer and electronic skills, thus enabling them to manufacture technologically advanced devices and weapons. (3D Printing?)

But the more viable souce that shall be chosen for use in the near future is the railgun, consisting of tubes or poles with a magnetic opposing forcem launching projectiles at great velocities.  (This was written in 1996 and published in 1997)

“The Waning Greatness of The United States”

Page 54

“And the power and supremacy of the Untied States shall wane, …….. “(2)

(2)” …….truly, the rise to power and fall from power of empires is determined by the spirituality or lack of spirituality of the people, and their moral fiber.”

“The Forces of Nature & Man’s Natural Resources”

Page 47

“Potentially, the environment is becoming more extreme. the seasons throughout all the world will surely remain in their due times, but the severity of the seasons shall increase with each passing year.

Storms , especially powerful storms such as monsoons, typhoons and hurricanes, and tornadoes , shall increase in frequency and severity. And rain will come out of due season, and not come in due season. And areas that desire rain shall not have it. And areas that desire it not, shall receive it, so that crops are parched in the ground and yet, in a location not distant, crops rot in the ground because of flooding.

And there shall be flooding, great flooding! ……………

And there shall be great earthquakes in …………………. ( not mentioned)

And there shall rise changes in the earth’s crust so that long dormant volcanoes shall again become active.

There are many individuals who would love nothing more than that We should say that the earth is going to be purged of all evil men, and that he or she should run to this mountain or that cave, that they may be saved. But We tell you, the changes that are to occur will be most seemingly random; and that the building of shelter and the storing of food is of little consequence, foolish indeed…..

for, two men may be caught in a flood – one will live and one will not; two women may be caught in a storm – one will live and one will not; – two children may go to bed to sleep peacefully through the night; and one will live and one will not.

Yet it is important that man realize that his actions are greatly responsible for the changes occurring in weather patterns. It is his actions that kill many species of animals. It is his actions that destroy many species of plants. It is his actions that limit the possibilities for tomorrow.

Many nuclear weapons lie awaiting upon the ocean floor. Man’s incompetence has allowed such to happen.

Chemicals are inadequately stored.

Provisions to prevent major radiation contamination are insufficient, in so much as one third of all mankind shall be contaminated.

One third of the trees and plants, one third of the of the water, one third of the land; and if you could measure it, even a third of the air that is to be breathed shall be contaminated.

And mankind shall die, shall perish accordingly, one third, then a third of that which is left, then a third of that which is left.

Save it were not for the elect, man should destroy himself!

But ah….. it is not the end of the world, but the end of an Age;

And there is hope! If mankind will but …….. ” (giving those things that mankind can do to prevent said destruction)

Page 51

There is a tremendous supply of natural gas generated at the bottom of the ocean. Such is a renewable resource when conscientiously harvested and can replace coal, oil and gasoline which resources are also renewable but not at a practical rate for the demands and usage of the world’s current population.

“China Claims Breakthrough in Mining Flammable Ice”

“Wormwood”, The Great Star

Page 134

“1. And it shall be the time of “The great star”; As there shall fall from the sky a great star that shall strike the earth.

2. Let all of the inhabitants of the earth pray that this star strikes upon the oceans.

But even then, the destruction of the waves shall be great and the poisons shall be tremendous.

3. And there shall be no place to hide, no place to run…………

9. And this is the time of the burning of man’s flesh and of the cancerous sores.”

“Global Financials”

Page 40 & 41

“Due to the world’s advancement in communications, the markets are truly becoming global. Market places throughout the world are ever becoming closer one to another and electronic

means of computer configuration makes money, such as most people are used to dealing with money, unnecessary.

Though paper money shall continue for a short while, with various protective enhancements to foil counterfeiters, it shall soon be obsolete.

Buying and selling shall all soon become a simple matter of adding or subtracting credits to an account, electronically transmitting the same, utilizing advanced computer technologies.

Individuals will initially only need a bank card which will be used in the same manner as credit and debit cards, for these are truly the beginning of the system that shall come. Even checking accounts shall become basically obsolete.

Money shall not be needed. A check being a form of money transferal, the paper will be eliminated and its imaginary worth stored in computer memory.

Initially, thumb or fingerprints shall be used upon credit cards to secure the same against theft. Then it shall be realized that, utilizing current technologies, the inconvenience of carrying a card is most unnecessary, and that only the thumb finger, or hand print is necessary to transact business. ( Currently in its infant stages)

Eventually, individual accounts and credit shall be merged so that there is no division between checking accounts, savings accounts, and credit accounts.

Being a simple concept in that one is dealing with imaginary money, and imaginary value of that imaginary money, exchanging things of little value for things of great worth, one to the other, this eventual consolidation will initially seem to be most beneficial.

Such will greatly raise the standard of living for many individuals.

But, the long-term effect that such shall produce will be the virtual enslavement of mankind to those who hold the financial reigns……..”

Page 42

“All merchandise that is sold or traded shall have upon it an encoded serial number that will be registered to the thumb print, finger print, or hand print of the purchaser and can thereafter only be transferred to another by the individual submitting a valid print of authenticity. Retinal scans may quickly replace finger prints as they are even more individualistic.  (currently under consideration)

Keys will no longer be needed for door locks or ignitions of automobiles, as “entrance” shall be programmed to the users’ personalized prints…..

However, as We have already mentioned, when the normal earning power of an individual becomes directly correlated to, and functions with an individual’s credit so that there is no division, the grave danger of enslavement becomes great indeed!”

“Health and Healing”

Page 36, 37 & 38

“Great changes are taking place upon a global scale. Yet, advances in the fields of health, fitness, and medicine have as much impact upon the personal lives of individuals as do many of the political, economic, social, and religious changes. In truth, some individual lives will be much more affected by medical advances and changes in health care than they will be affected by any other thing within the occurrence of their present lives.

Therefore, it is necessary that We cover topics related to health and healing, not simply that We might show an ability to accurately convey events of the near future, but rather, that We might give “sign posts”, indicators for those individuals in the various fields of research, learning and investment, so that they may know where to concentrate efforts for their success; and for the continued benefit of and beneficence to mankind.”


“Various forms of cancer will be resolved and become preventable, sometimes curable, according to the type of cancer, as such is isolated according to genetic predispositions. For utilizing advanced technologies, it shall become possible, within genetic research, to isolate many of the encoded DNA patterns which genetically predispose any individual to certain forms of cancer and many other various ailments. As a result of this ability to isolate such, it will become possible in some cases to create preventative vaccines, or healing serums, or medications that will adequately slow the process of destruction to the health.”

“As medical science continues, it will be found that radiation can still be utilized as a means of treating various cancers, but such means of treatment will not remain as crude and barbaric as it has been in the past, for radiation shall be able to be pinpointed to the cancerous area without injuring or contaminating the surrounding tissue.”  (currently in its “crude” stages to be greatly improved in the future)


Page 39

“It will further be found that sound frequency or resonant vibration, can also be used in in same way to heal”

“Brain Surgery Using Sound Waves”

“Doctors Use Deep-Brain Ultrasound Therapy to Treat Tremors”


“In the immediate future, the transferal of the HIV virus, which ultimately manifests Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, shall no longer be transferred from mother to child. It will be impossible for such to be eliminated in the immediate future as so many individuals are in the advanced stages of the manifestation of this illness. However, within the most immediate future, it shall become possible to arrest the development of any stage of infection, or illness, and within the not distant future, it shall be possible to vaccinate against the same, just as was done with smallpox and is done with hepatitis.”  (Current information:  WHO)


“Another great benefit to the medical industry, to the industry of health and healing, shall be the realization of the necessity for humanizing the atmosphere in which an individual must live and recover. It will be found that meditation techniques, or positive mental programming, will be accepted and will have a tremendous impact upon the health and the well-being of its practitioners.”

“The great link that exists between spirit, mind and body shall be recognized. The mind focuses the energy of the spirit, that it might be manifest in the physical. the physical is the essence of the Mind-spirit made manifest in the flesh.”


“The two practices from the East that will find great acceptability by the main stream of the Western civilized world are “meditation” and acupuncture”. It is important that the West avoid the superstitious aspects of these practices and concentrate upon the practical aspects. This is to be done by the medical field for acupuncture and the theological, the metaphysical, and the spiritual, and even the psychiatric and psychological fields for meditation.”


“Earlier it was mentioned that perhaps the most exciting medical advance would be the discovery of the effect of magnetic fields upon the human body, sometimes even bringing instantaneous Healings. Research will show that the magnetic fields in which mankind lives are often altered from their natural state. Research will show that the entire magnetic field of the earth is even affected by man’s actions in such a way as to have an effect upon the molecular structure of living beings.”

Magnetic pulses are used to treat migraine headaches.

Magnets are used in the treatment of clinical depression.



“West Indies” sure fate – For this land does await – As one they are affected – As future fate is effected”

INDIA – Page 240

Verse l. “Such great wisdom buried in religious division – Land to continue develop further nuclear fission – Tolerance is yet to be earned – When the land is severely burned.”

Verse 8. “Great earthquake, the Ganges flood – Recompense for much spilled blood. – Great cloud of poison is released – Nuclear facilities’ securities increased.”

IRAQ – Page 243

Verse 3. “Rockets and limited nuclear warfare; – Poison Gas, conventions broken with no care. – Land of sickness, vomit, and boils; – land of radiation, poisoned soils.

4. “Choose not this fate, let vengeance pass, – when your neighbors borders do harass. – Great wealth by oil you once gathered, – Such being worthless, who shall be bothered?”

IRELAND – Page 244

Verse 1. “Oh land of great anger and great wrath, – It is important that you walk the Divine Path. – Peace, brotherly love, hearts of one accord – By this can your future be assured.

2. Ancient battles you often fought – Over land lost, over land gained; In the name of God is evil wrought; – Ancient memories not retained.

3. Tentative peace between Catholic and Protestant; – Gives great hope for this land expectant. – Ecumenical accord struck between great Faiths; – Weapons shall be returned to their sheaths.

Yet to come:

4. Peace shall reach from the heart of Rome – To the warm hearth of each Irish home – Children once divided, laughing, running, playing; Finally together, without prejudice, praying.

5. To Ireland’s history recognition is paid; – Great lasting peace with England shall be made. – NO more fighting, the Engles to rest at last, – They are forgiven their warring, dreadful past.”

INDONESIA – Page 241

Verse 1. “Buy and sell, trade with Europe; – Financial gain is the great hope. Your “Nederlandse” connections of old – Can bring wealth, prosperity untold.

2. So close you are to great land of prosperity. – With the Chinese you have no disparity. – Investment in Hong Kong, they shall soar, – Making your economy strong and secure.

3. ( to come) Storm from China to Australia shall rage, – Bringing an unexpected tidal wave. – A great event upon history’s page – To be made by nature’s powerful hand.

4. A choice at times must be made; – Decisions require a price to be paid. – A choice between the East and West, Shall determine the course of quest.

5. Should you partake of fate with Europe, – Or the fate of China great and proud? – Indonesia, will you have great hope, – Or be wrapped tight in a death shroud.”

RUSSIA – The Commonwealth of Independent States

Page 140

“A country in shambles and “rudderless at the top”, is it not overtly ripe for ‘The Child of the Bastard lineage of Czar Peter Receives Recognition and Takes The Throne'”

Page 105

9. “For this ruler shall soon ascend his throne, determining the ultimate end of any chance for Communism to again arise in Russia.

10. And he shall restore an ancient pride and that pride shall not be subservient to the Church.”

Although most of the prophesied events of consequence”have not yet occurred, it is at this time urgent that we pull your attention to that section in “The Prophecies for the World” that speaks about “The war before THE war”  to rage around the turn of the Century, which war will surely come about unless drastic actions to alter the current direction in that region are taken.

Page 137

1. “And there shall be another great war before ……… takes his throne. And many will think that this is the beginning of the final great war.

2. And even though this war shall be as great as was W.W.I, or W.W.II, it shall not be as many imagine, the “Armageddon”.

3. And because of the timing of this war, many assume that this is the great last war of “the end”…………

5. For the great war shall come from Europe, even unto the Middle East.

10. Three days and three nights shall there be fighting, with the destruction being equal to W.W.I and W.W.II in the intensity of the all-out warfare, in its toll, and in the magnitude of involvement, not in its duration.

11. And the destruction shall be great, but such is merely the beginning of sorrows.

12. And at this time each nation will fight of its own accord, and Europe shall not be yet united, but this shall set the stage for the need of peace.

13. And this shall be the situation that will allow ………. to manifest peace and set his throne upon high. Astrology Miscalculated

15. And what is the time and the date of such a happening?

16. We give you adequate warning; still, many do not understand the passing of an Era, nor do they make adequate adjustments within the The Science of Holy Astrology to allow for the compensation and retrogrades; and thus they assume that times are nearer at hand than they are.

The Final Warning!

17. And yet, this – these Prophecies We now speak, must be considered the final warning! – for consciousness must attempt a change if man is to have a chance to avoid the calamities and catastrophes that are within the future.

Page 122

2. Behold! Prophets are sent to you, and wise men are sent to you, and learned scholars are sent to you. They come in this time, in this Age and Era, in the here and the now!

3. And they come in the Spirit of John, and in the Spirit and the Power of Elijah!”

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