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Total Immersion Program

Awaken the Spirit

What is a Mystic?

A mystic is an individual who, by means of meditation, prayer & devotion, raises his consciousness to that level whereby it can be stated that he is at-one with the Divine. When speaking, the mystic does so from that all-knowing state of consciousness.

Mystics are humble people who bring the extraordinary to the ordinary, who bring the Divine to the mundane, who live with their spirit in one world and their body in another world.

Mystics are often publicly renowned for various gifts such as healing and sundry miracles. These are but outward signs of an inner spiritual development and are dismissed as inconsequential by all mystics. 

Mystics are servants of the Divine. They are not bound by the limitations of man or religion. Their allegiance is to the one Living and True God.

Daniel Clay — the Mystic, the Sage, the Prophet

Already in his early childhood, it was clear from his way of life and his spiritual gifts that Daniel Clay was born a Mystic, a Sage. However, being born as such need not always be the case. Such spiritual calling may be latent within you and, if such is the case, can be developed with intensive training. 

If you have the desire to become a mystic, this program is for you.  As the Master, Daniel Clay will be with you in your every step towards your spiritual development and goal. He will guide you and teach you as you will master all that you need in order to live your life as the mystic who lives in and operates from that higher state of consciousness.

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The Program

This is a super intensive program for those who desire to take a Zen approach to Mysticism.  This is a “Middle Path,” i.e., Devotional Path program. This program is not tied to any religion. A non-religious individual can become a mystic. However, the one absolute requirement is a steadfast belief in the One-Omnipotent Force behind Creation

You will spend six nights and five days in a spiritual environment of total immersion, where, under the guidance and close supervision of the Master;

  • You will be taught special techniques of prayer & meditation.
  • You will be taught and practice visualization techniques.
  • You will learn how smell, sound, light and color impact your meditations.
  • You will learn how to raise your consciousness via prayer or meditation.
  • You will be taught to recognize Spiritual Forces not of this realm.
  • You will be taught how to listen to those Forces.
  • You will be taught how to work with those Forces.
  • You will awaken healing abilities and may be taught specific healing techniques.
  • You will be taught to send healing to those at a distance.
  • You will more fully awaken your latent psychic abilities.

As a mystic, you will live in and function from a higher state of consciousness during normal daily life. As a result of living in such state, you will be taught how to handle any spiritual gifts that may become yours.

This program will be adapted to your personal spiritual development, and thus is most effective as a one-on-one program, but may be extended to a maximum of six individuals. You will lodge in the Master’s home and share your meals with him.

In short, you will become a divine blessing to those with whom you come in contact during your normal daily life.

How To Maintain That Which You Have Learned When Away From the Master

Many people from the West have flocked to the yogis and holy men of the East in search of spiritual enlightenment. But when they returned to normal daily life, all that was taught while in the presence of the yogi or holy man soon was forgotten thereafter.

Indeed, most of that which you learn will come easy to you while in the Master’s presence as he radiates and engulfs you in his state of consciousness. However, it is a known-fact that, when no longer in a Master’s presence, the student has trouble raising his consciousness to that level which he was able to reach when in the presence of the Master.

So, in order to strengthen you in your desire to live and breathe as the mystic, you will learn how to utilize, adapt and retain all you have learned, so your abilities will remain potent and “fully awake” when you are no longer in the Master’s presence.

Furthermore, if such is appropriate and you are ready, you will be Initiated—meaning, the transferal of consciousness of the Master to you, the student—so that you may be in that state of consciousness in the “blink of an eye” when such is needed or you so desire. 

To maintain the spiritual level of consciousness to which the student has been raised is the reason why so many want to be around their Master and remain with him. This is known as “the spiritual high.” However, such is not Daniel Clay’s goal. He teaches and then sends his students off into the world of business, trade, politics or whatever is the student’s professional life. He wants you, his student, to be a contributing part to your family, your friends, your colleagues and co-workers and live your normal daily life—but as a Spiritual Beacon of Light.

If we are to do our part in changing the world, we need to be in that world and work with, influence and radiate our love, our peace and our joy to the people in our immediate surrounding.

Daniel Clay’s rhetorical question to the audience: “Who is the more spiritual individual, the monk who locks himself up for prayer & meditation, or the business man?  The monk but seeks his own personal enlightenment while the businessman gives of himself with his work and his funds to benefit his community.”

Daniel Clay has trained many people as mystics. They reside in all corners of the world.

Video Text: You Are Needed

Prophets are needed to warn people
So they may enter upon the path to Love & Wisdom

Teachers are needed
So students may learn the way of Peace and Prosperity

Leaders are needed
So nations may learn to live together harmoniously and prosper

It is this that will make it possible
For all people to live in the World of Love & Wisdom

Video Text: Come Study

Learn all that you can learn!

Because knowledge is important
If you are to apply the twin-keys of Love & Wisdom

To open your heart
To expand your mind
And to make the world a better place for all of humanity

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