The Prophecies

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“This gripping book is possibly the most unique and powerful collection of prophecies since Michel Nostradamus. These prophecies, delivered during the month of July 1996, predict radical changes in the current world, yet give the reader a sense of hope in what is often a seemingly hopeless world. Love and compassion for the human race engulfs the reader as every page guides him to answer the compelling questions that he has in his heart. This is a view of what may be the final destruction or the beginning of an utopian world.”
James E. Haas, III
President, Haas Publications

“Whether or not Daniel Clay’s “Prophecies” are divinely inspired revelations or merely the products of a deeply spiritual and insightful mind is almost beside the point as one begins to read this truly astonishing work. While the reader’s first temptation is to skim the text searching for validations of predicted events that have already come to pass—and there are more than a few absolute stunners—more careful reading yields greater rewards. Because Daniel Clay has an uncanny ability to peel away the layers of the most complex sociological and political issues of our time to expose basic truths that are at once so obviously simple and yet so profound, they take your breath away. Those deep and indisputable insights, in turn, force one to give serious credence to the author’s dire and very specific predictions of mankind’s possible future in a new millennium devoid of individual expression and shadowed by the politics of pure Evil. Though you may agree or disagree with “Prophecies,” I confidently predict you won’t be able to put it down.”
F.M. O’Rourke
Author, Los Angeles

“When I met Daniel Clay for the first time, I saw his eyes. They were sharp and soft, welcoming and secret, they were a world of their own. Then I “discovered” the man behind these eyes (as far as anyone can use the word “discover” for the universe that is Daniel Clay. You feel happy if you can pretend to know just a little bit of him.) He comes from the Light and he goes to the Light, and everyone who approaches him receives a part of that Light.

Daniel Clay’s mission (being a “lighthouse” showing the proper way) began when he was a very young boy. By the power of prayer he was able to cure, to heal, to help, to give strength and love around him. Since the age of seven, when he has something to say, he did and will say it because this ordinary man with extraordinary eyes and irresistible smile has an extremely important message to deliver. It is a message of confidence in humanity, but it is a warning too. We are on the edge of a new era which can be an era of a better humanity, or the world of evil. There is no fatalism, only a choice, and Daniel Clay urges us to make the good one. Our world is inextricably bound to its mankind and this one is now obliged to evolve from the single cell to the pure Light.

From time to time in our history, a man comes upon this earth with the mission to give warning and show the way to his fellow men. Sometimes he is heard, sometimes he is not; but what he has to say will happen anyway. Nothing is more remarkable than the ministry of these prophets because they come amongst us in times of violence, doubt, or great selfishness. They are quiet people, they have no doubts, they don’t care about being loved or even understood. They speak by the Will of the Lord.

As for Daniel Clay, he has to communicate for humanity’s sake for a greater spirituality and consciousness. When all the spirits will be bound together, whatever their religion, it will be the beginning of a new world: a world of consciousness.

It does not mean, of course, that the future is totally predictable; the human evolution escapes to all calculations: but what is predictable is this unification of the spirits and the irrepressible raising of the thoughts.

That is what Daniel Clay has to say and, in my opinion, it is the essence of his message: humanity has to believe very strongly in its destiny, and its destiny has a meaning. There is no place for doubt, no place for disenchantment, but a total faith in the human intelligence, human reflection, human invention, human vitality. If not…. 

Anyway backwards will lead to chaos.”
Catherine Hermary Vieille
French Author

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