Video Text: DCI Does Not Teach Religion

Daniel Clay Institute
Does NOT teach you religion or philosophy by which you should live.

Rather, it empowers you to live truthfully and fully
by the religion or the philosophy you have chosen.

Video Text: What We Teach

We combine the Wisdom of the East
With the Love of the West

The Teachings of the Buddha with the Teachings of the Christ
As we usher in a new Age, a new Era, a new Epoch of Love and Wisdom

These Teachings are a philosophy that you may apply to your religion—whatever it be
To usher in the Love Wisdom World

Video Text: Love Wisdom - Foundation of Our New World

The philosophy of Love & Wisdom
Applies to all religions
It applies to all people
It applies to all nations.

The Philosophy of Love and Wisdom
Is a foundation upon which a world of Love & Wisdom can be built.

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