Video Text: Who We Teach

We bring you Teachings
We answer your questions
We train those who will help others learn to walk upon the path of truth

We train prophets
And those who will warn the humans of this world of their errors

We train prophets
Who will benefit society and help people travel upon the path of righteousness

We work to establish the World of Love & Wisdom
We train those who will warn others
So, a great catastrophe can be avoided

We train those who wish to usher in an Era of Love & Wisdom

Video Text: The Philosophy

Are you Christian?
Then, Come! Be with us
And build upon our philosophy
So we may create a better tomorrow!

Are you Buddhist?
Come! Be with us
So you may build a better tomorrow

Are you Hindu; are you Taoist; are you Daoist;
Are you…
Of what Faith
Of all Faiths?

Come be with us!

The philosophy of Love & Wisdom applies to ALL Faiths

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