You Are Needed

Video Text: You Have Been Called

You have come here not by accident
But you have come here because you have been called.

You are the hope of tomorrow!

You are the prophets of today!

You are the founders of the Love Wisdom World!

You are the founders of the one-global world that lives in harmony and peace!

It is by your aspirations that generations to come will be able to live side by side
In the pursuit of happiness,
Which all people deserve.

Video Text: Prophets Are Needed

Prophets are needed to show people how to move into the future.

Study with us
And be a prophet to help people enter into the New Epoch of World History.

You are needed!
Because those prophets who warn of danger and peril but give no hope for the future,
Do no service for humanity.

Prophecy is about showing people how to have a better future, a better tomorrow.

You are needed!
Because real prophets are needed—ones who give not only warning, but hope!
For doomsayers are only half-prophets, clinging to the past and wishing ill.

You are needed!
You are needed to give hope to humanity.
Come! be with us.

Video Text: A New Heaven & A New Earth

You are the hope of tomorrow
You are the leaders of tomorrow
You are those who will teach Love & Wisdom to the children of tomorrow
And you are those who can lead today’s world into a peaceful tomorrow

It is your efforts as prophets
That can avoid catastrophe and calamity
As the Age changes from one Sacred Astrological Age to another Sacred Astrological Age

It is your efforts and teaching others that can usher in a world of peace.

The Christ said,
“These are the signs of the end of the Age,”

And He also said,
There would be a new heaven and a new earth

The Love Wisdom World is the new heaven and the new earth!

Video Text: The Apocalypse

It is the end of an Age
It is the beginning of a New Heaven and a New Earth

Study with us!
Learn the secrets of the world to come

Study with us!
Be the prophets that will help this world avoid an apocalypse
For the new heaven and the new earth will be ushered in with great violence
If humankind clings to the past.

But if humankind strives to reach for the future
Then the prophesied world can be one of abundant blessings

For all prophesy comes as a warning
And as a hope for the future.

There is no need for an apocalypse
But an apocalypse is certain
If humanity clings to the past rather than apply love wisdom to move into the future.

Video Text: Technology

Technology and Communication
As it is progressing
can be a great blessing to humanity

If humanity clings to the past and clings to old forms of government and old ideas of dominance
Then, technology and modern communication
Can become a great curse

It is for this reason
We need you, and all who will, to join us
To become prophets for the new epoch being ushered in
To be teachers for the new epoch being ushered in
To teach a philosophy of love and of wisdom to all of humanity
And most especially to the children!

We are entering into the Age of Love of Wisdom
And, if… if we look forward to the future
It will be a blessing of abundance
And we will enter into a utopian world,

The world prophesied by John the Revelator:
A New Heaven and a new Earth.

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