Live an empowered life of prayer and meditation. Allow the Spirit to flow through you. Be at one with the Divine Will. Tap into the Wisdom of the Ages. Experience love, peace and calm.

What Is a Mystic?

A mystic is an individual who, by means of meditation, prayer & devotion, raises his consciousness to that level whereby it can be stated that he is at-one with the Divine. When speaking, the mystic does so from that all-knowing state of Consciousness. 

A mystic is an individual of Faith who attains mystical union with the Divine as a result of Meditation, Prayer, or Devotion.

Mystics are often publicly renowned for various gifts such as: healing, and sundry miracles. These are but outward signs of an inner spiritual development, and are dismissed as inconsequential by mystics.

Mystics are humble people who bring the extraordinary to the ordinary, who bring the Divine to the mundane, who live with their spirit in one world and their body in another world. 

Mystics are servants of the Divine. They are not bound by the limitations of man or religion. Their allegiance is to the one Living and True God.

Why Mystical Training

The world is in a transition. We are ushering in the Love-Wisdom World! Transitions of world consciousness are difficult.  You are needed to prepare the public and pave the way for the cosmic Love-Wisdom consciousness.

You will share wisdom.
You will speak truth.
You will heal the sick.
You will be enlightened and empowered!
You will become a person of Love & Wisdom.


This program is not for those who hesitate. It is not for the spiritually “faint-at-heart”.
This program takes enormous dedication and such can only be with a deep yearning of the soul.

Spirituality Made Easy.

Everyone can pray and mediate. Everyone can live a life of love and wisdom. Everyone can experience God. Spend time with Daniel Clay, and he will teach you meditative prayer and guide you to your full spiritual potential.

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